Looking Beyond The Design

A website is built on an html structure that can not be seen when viewing a website in a browser. There are a number of aspects within this html that affect a websites performance on different devices and within search engine results pages.

With our auditing experience and high end tools we can analyse your website and deliver a comprehensive report detailing all relevant aspects of your website overall health.

time to analyse your website

Website Auditing

At first glance, a website may look like its working well. There are however many attributes that may be incorrect of configured wrong that affects the website’s general state of well-being. A website audit uncovers all of those attributes and reveals a list of onsite problems that need attention. Below is a shortlist of signals we check when doing a comprehensive website audit.

What goes into a website audit

How Many Pages are Indexed on Google vs Website

If for instance the home page is not listed at the top of the Google site search, there could be a problem or the site has been flagged and home page demoted. All most cases the home page should always have the highest authority as this page is the root of your domain. If one of your sub-pages has a high amount of incoming links as a result of organically backlinked results, a sub-page may be seen as more authoritative and rise up above the root domain’s home page, but this is rare.

Onsite Technical Optimization

The technical aspects are all too important. They account for a quarter of your overall SEO score. If your website is not setup correctly, this will have a negative effect on search engine positions. Google search engine robot reads the text and attributes and creates a quality score based on how well structured the pages are. All tags are checked, including; meta, title, h1 h2 h3, alt, p, a, img, validation errors and microdata.

Content Optimization

We have a look at how well backlinked the content page is. Then we check on how relevant the page title is comparing with the content below. Are h2,h3 and h4 tags used to break up the content pieces? have enough words been used on the page? Are similes and related words used? Does the page have questions and answers for technical information that might need more explaining? Are there well setup calls to action based on user intention? Are there relevant trust signals onsite?

Duplicate Content

We check all pages for duplicate content that was copied from an internal and external source. External sources may be your own content, say from a social media share, which will be acceptable. All over duplicate content should be reviewed carefully and removed if deemd to be unsuitable. in some cases we have found competitors who can copied off a paragraph or two and used that content for their own website. in a case like that we normally make a phone call and request for them to remove/rewrite the content.

Robot Accessibility

If search engine are restricted from indexing pages, those pages will never be visible in the search engine results pages. We check that all sitemaps are in place and displaying the pages that need to be included for indexing. We also check language and locality settings. One last check is to see if your website is running a robots.txt file in the root folder and if it has been setup correctly.

Internal Links

We check for linking opportunities within the content as this helps with user experience. We also check the entire website for broken links. Alt and title tags need to be investigated and changed where needed. Keywords used for linking are also important signals for search engine robots and need to be accurately written.

Website Speed Analysis

If your website is slow to load content chances are you are losing visitors before they have seen a single page. We do a speedtest to see how fast your web servers are delivering pages. The locality of your servers are one other important aspect. You want your servers to be close to your primary target market. We do cache check and a compression check and enable these options. Image sizes can slow a site down. We optimize all images when possible. Lastly we minify all js and css files.

Mobile Responsive

Over 50% of all online traffic is generated from mobile devices. A website that is not mobile friendly definitely becomes difficult to use when someone views it from a mobile device. In most cases they will concentrate on how to view your page and most probably lose the reason why they were on your page in the first place. Essentially you want a great user experience with ease of use. We run a mobile test to gauge mobile friendliness and usability. If the site is not mobile friendly we highly recommend a design rebuild to fix this issue.

Traffic Monitoring

Monitoring your website traffic is a very important part of understanding where your site is excelling and failing. We setup Google Analytics which is key to optimization and conversions. We then setup Google Console and link both accounts to be able to pull in search data that then allows us to see what keywords visitors used to find your website and in what position your website was for those search results.