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A well thought out design with a plan and wireframe saves time and accomplishes the goals of our clients. Design is not merely a pretty logo and a few fancy looking sliders. Content flow combined with great user experience converts into business.

We have a few things to consider. Our creativity, your ideas, and most importantly what your clients need to see. Combine these three and we have recipe for success. Let’s get started.

the design process
Domain Registration

New domain

This applies to new website developments. We register your chosen domain name provided it is available at uniforum. We offer free domain registration if you need a local International top level domains are billed for separately.

Domain Transfer

We transfer domains free of charge. Your hosting plan is paid for directly to the hosting provider of your choice. We make use of local hosting solutions because they work during our office hours and host your website locally which serves your content very quickly. Google also uses your domain hosting as a search engine ranking signal in terms of locale and target market.

Hosting Plan

Your website may need one of the three options that we offer. On a rare occasion larger, more robust hosting packages may be needed. We will discuss this option in your needs analysis and make recommendations. The three package are; Basic, Business and eCommerce.

Design Requirements

We discuss your existing branding and draw conclusions regarding any changes that should be made or not. We discuss your website structure and decide what pages are needed and the way the menu structure will be designed. We take a look at what the user intentions will be when visiting your website and your goals.

Search Engine Optimization

Step one will be a thorough primary and secondary keyword analysis followed with a traffic analysis. We take a closer look at your competitors and work out ways to make your brand better!

Content Requirements

Content writing is a huge part of success on the search engines. We take an in-depth look at your current content and make qualified decisions about content re-writing, duplicate content, offsite content and social media shares. After the website has been built we incorporate microdata as this is an important extra for SEO purposes. A great image is worth a million words! The website imagery is very important for visitors and helpful in search engine optimization on image networks. We highly recommend quality introductory videos as well as video marketing opportunities. All contact information, terms and conditions and privacy policy information are gathered and configured.

Social Media Requirements

We make recommendation for the main social media channels; YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn and also other Local Hubs that help to build social proof and authority in your particular industry.

Google Add-on Service

We install Analytics and link Webmaster Tools to your website. These two Google Tools help to track and analyse your website data and traffic, allowing us to gain insights into where people are finding your website and how they interact with your content. We do a Google Local map registration which is important to be found on Google Local Maps.

Marketing Requirements

Paid advertising is often the best way forward for immediate traffic. Ongoing SEO is highly recommended to ensure that your website rises above your competitors and maintains a strong presence in the organic search engine results pages. Social media strategies are discussed and a plan set out for each month with specific goals in mind. Video marketing is a huge advantage as there are only a few companies that do this effectively. Onsite monthly content marketing is always effective for gaining position on tertiary keyword groups and drives authority to your website through deep-linkable content. Guest blogging often drives visitors and garners valuable backlinks to your website sub pages.

Website Security Requirements

One of our niche services is website security where we regularly update plugins and monitor your website for anomalies that indicate hacking attempts. We incorporate a user watchlist and employ IP banning. We backup all files on your server in case something goes wrong, and are able to restore website content instantly.


Ready to take the first step? Or do you have any questions? Make the enquiry so we are able to do a needs assessment. You may speed up this process by filling out our complete needs assessment form here. Once we have all your information we can then discuss options and come to a price and work schedule. Some of the steps below may not be needed depending on your needs assessment.

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