It was way back in 1998 when the internet boom started when Parradox opened and became one of South Africa’s first search engine optimization specialists. Many hours reading and studying and testing lead to one of the first highly successful SEO brands. After travelling for many years abroad, Gregory returned recently and started up Parradox, the new and shiny brand, providing the best possible advice, products and service.

Maintain Authority

In his industry, it’s all about reputation. We are as good as the last project we do. We bold assert that we are the best at search engine optimization in the Western Cape. If there is anyone else that can stake a claim to this, we would gladly hold a live SEO webinar and publically prove our worth. In our industry, it is not only pure technical skill but also creative ingenious strategies that create an outstanding result. That is where we shine!

Outstanding Design

Creating an experience for people visiting your website is one of our primary focus points when we develop a design solution. There are various proven ways to quickly capture the audience’s attention by using an assortment of media including; video clips, imagery and appealing content, followed with easy calls to actions, downloadable brochures, lead captcha techniques, social proof and trust signals that gain your website visitors confidence.

Our Network

We collaborate with various online marketing companies and specialist web development companies making our pool of expertise vast and comprehensive. The scale of work we are able to handle is limitless while we pay special attention to details at every turn.

Business Intelligence

Understanding your business is a key ingredient in being able to characterize and present your business in such a way as not to snow a visitor over with technical jargon, but give them enough information to let them understand your business offering clearly. There are essentially two types of potential clients, those with analytical strengths and those with creative strengths. Make your website appeal to both types and you have a winning combination. This is our goal as a development solution.


Using our services is also a learning experience. We explain and report back at every turn, making our processes and tasks transparent. When you work with us, we educate you about the technologies used online and the methods we recommend because we would like you to be in the know. We urge you to ask us any questions you may have; this is a path of discovery for many of you who have read this far. Interact with us!