Writing the Right Content

Planning is everything. Having a solid campaign structure with predetermined content pieces that tell a story, are informative, and aimed at the right market and ultimately will help your business succeed with converting traffic into customers.

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Important Topics To Consider

What topics can your business cover in depth that carries technical authority? Will this information be engaging and shareable? Will your clients want to know about this information. Will they even understand what it’s about?

Create a list of topics based on answering the above questions. Remember whose being written to and why you want them to know about what you are writing. Create headlines – headlines are incredibly important. They tell the reader what the content pieces are. Make them catchy and grab a person’s attention.

There are essentially two types of traffic you need to think about. New visitors that have never seen what you have to offer, and existing customers that have done business with you and already trust your brand. Writing to both can be tricky, but if you keep this in mind throughout your content creation it becomes clear that sometimes you need to introduce the newer readers to older content pieces that ties in with your story. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of questions and answers from past clients. Have any questions? Send them through to us.

What if we have a difficult product?

Visual Content

This is undoubtedly the most important. 90% of all readers will engage with visual media in the form of videos, graphics, info-graphics and memes. 

Written Content

Google understands words, and words help build authority. Having well written content to support graphics is essential.There are various types of written content, including; technical, info, news, product, services, events, etc

There are many types of content depending on what stage your visitor is at. We have broken in down into those stages with content types that correlate.

Top of the funnel – Discovery stage

Blogs – Curated Content – Tutorials – Tips – eBooks – Instructional Videos – Infographics – Powerpoint presentations – Checklists – Newsletter archives – Competitions – Interviews – Whitepapers.

Middle of the funnel – Buying stage

FAQs – Catalogs – Brochures – Samples – Product guides – Case studies – Product specifications – Product comparisons – Product videos – Reviews – Testimonials – Webinars – Podcasts – Research data.

Bottom of the funnel – Decision stage

Free Trials – Delivery info – Terms & Conditions – Coupons – Consultations – Demonstrations.

Choosing the right type of content based on your customers interests can be varied and creative. A company that sells camping gear for instance is able to write all about the camping and the varied topics it covers. We use the same thought process around your company products and services.

Do we need to create more content every month?

Storytelling need to be done regularly. A consistent monthly campaign creates expectation from readers. This also serves as a platform to remind readers that you are still around and happy to be of service. In the long run readers will have your company set in long term memory and will always remember your brand.

How does content marketing make us money?

We set up specific goals and calls to action on every content piece. In Fact we start with the goal first, then setup a call to action, then get the content piece written, designed or recorded. If we do this in reverse we have a perfect system that is designed around the goal. Most goals revolve around, informing, selling and creating interest. 

How do we promote our content?

If you create amazing content, visitors will not simply come flocking to the page. It needs to be promoted via a host of social channels available to us. Within sites such as FaceBook and Google+ there are many interest groups where content can be shared. Depending on where you want to share it may take some extra work. Youtube is all about videos as example – here we can create a simply slide share video linking to content pieces. With some innovative thought we can share any type of content on all social platforms.

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We will be happy to help you setup a content writing campaign. You have the option to create your own content with our guidence, or we can commision a skilled writer to help write the content pieces.